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[ pronounced YUUGEN ] 


"they are your auditory flex of ying & yang

Feminine & Masculine 


take flight with them to be satiated

by the directions they take you


upward in vibrational frequency 

forward in futuristic cinematic new wave


the trajectory will soak you in

galactic synth-thesis"




YVVGEN (pronounced yuugen) is a synthpop duo, founded in 2018. The band is composed of Ornella Alexandre (vocals) and Baptiste Descamps (producer, synth).

Their first single, Fire Chief, was released in March 2019 and was dubbed one of the best songs of 2019 by Artefaktor Radio, and appeared on the Electronic Family Tree Radio Show hosted by synthpop pioneer Rusty Egan (ex-Visage, Rich Kids).


Their inspirations range from Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Crash Course In Science to Stu Philips. 


YVVGEN’s music could be described at the same time as minimal and fulfilling, cold and dazzling, haunting and glorious. 

The duo is currently working on their debut EP and has just performed their first show.

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